art by Ethan Black 

  Greetings, fellow Monster folk!                  


   - February 22, 2020 -

   What a grand year it's been. Hot off the heels of our fantastic 2018 show at Fontanel, we dove head-first into production for the 2019 event. No rest for the wicked, eh?!

   But, WAIT a minute... there was no 2019 show, you say, and you are correct.  So, what happened?

   Well, we lost our wonderful venue - Fontanel, which was sold to new owners who have since closed down the property for renovations. We don't know when they'll reopen, or what sort of shape and form it will end up as. Losing Fontanel was indeed sad for all involved. We all felt like it was our home, but we walked away with nothing but great, fun, loving memories of our four years there.

   Did you know that our little event was the most successful and highest-grossing live event for both their Fall Festival and the lovely Natchez Winery building (where our event was held)? There were well over 3,000 patrons counted who attended and enjoyed all the cool things that Monsters & Merriment's fabulously talented artisans provided.  

   So, as you could imagine, the mad dash to find a suitable new venue has been in effect - and we found one that suits us beyond our wildest dreams here in Nashville. Can't let the cat out of the bag just yet - - - but will be making the big announcement here in the days to come.  

     * * * STAY TUNED for further exciting information! * * * 


   Monsters & Merriment is seeking new artists who would like to participate in our 2020 show.

   If you think you'd fit in with our stylized Halloween art group, just click on any of the links above to see the photos of our fabulous Halloween art from each past year's show, or watch live videos from the shows by simply clicking on the "Media/Videos/Sponsors" link.

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