Inclined to Improvise   

 Skelley McCrafty                   

    Complete listing of Visual Artists for 2017     11am - 7pm

  Ethan Black Arts            

 Hallowed Designs         

  The Secret Commonwealth

    *** Come dressed in your best Vampire costume - you might win a DVD copy of the movie!***​

 The chilling 1922 silent Vampire classic of German expressionist cinema,

 by renowned director, F. W. Murnau. 

 Surreal and haunting, NOSFERATU has left a lasting effect

​ on audiences worldwide since its initial release.  

 Come meet Countess Moiraand sit in the dark with us

 To celebrate the 95th anniversary of this iconic movie.​​​​  

 (Movie will be played all day long)


 We welcome the many new artists debuting at the 2017 show! 

  Tarot Readings                                                      1pm - 7pm

   Kiki Dombrowski                                 

 ​Michael Hraba                

 Travis Bibb​                 

 *** A tale too strange to not be true! ***

Hazel was born in Kentucky in 1880, and became one of the south's most notorious outlaws. After a night of drinking, she shot her   husband dead and then killed the police that came after her. After learning that bounty hunters were on her trail, she committed   suicide by drinking a deadly cocktail of arsenic and gasoline. Her mummified remains ended up in a coffin, touring the sideshow circuit for 40 years, before finally being cremated.  Come see her actual coffin in Countess Moria's Movie Dungeon!

 Andrea Luttrell

  Special Musical Guests                               12:00pm-1pm

   NOSFERATU - A Symphony of Horror 

 Jerry Winnette                               

  Psychic Services 

 Photography by David McCullars      

  Jackie Cheuvront Art      

   Fezziwig's Halloween Holiday Shoppe       ​ 

 Crimson Witch Patisserie Food Truck

 Celtic-Eclectic Songs about Love, War and Drinking!

 The Secret Commonwealth have been Middle Tennessee's most enduringly popular Celtic band since their inception in 1993.

 Influenced by The Pogues, The Chieftains, and traditional Irish pub bands, TSC's music mixes original material with traditional music and many styles of American and European folk.  Their hit record, "Uninvited Guest," also known as their 'Halloween album' (that particular holiday  being one of their all-time favorite!) spins magical yarns of fantastic journeys through time and history, including "The Glowing Bones of Craggie Hope," a real life ghost story from Nashville's past.

 TSC will not only be on hand to play live, they'll also have plenty of awesome band merchandise available, from their extensive catalog of music CDs to tee shirts, pint glasses and more. Come meet the band!

 MacabreWebs Studios                  

 "The Strange Case of Hazel Farris, the American Mummy"  presented by Vance Nichols  

 Olivia Frankenstein                     

   Countess Moira's Movie Dungeon

 Linda Hermes King

  Veronica G. Hartman                        

 Amber Black                  

 Fontanel's Fall Fest