It's ALIVE!....

  and rises again on Saturday

  September 29th, 2018

  10am till 7pm

  Inside the beautiful Natchez Winery

  at Fontanel

  Free admission

  Join us for our 4th annual art and music show

  Featuring the best of local Halloween-styled

  folk artists weaving their magical spells

  for your enjoyment!

   Special guest

  John Davis, the Rector of the 

  First Church of Halloween

  Performing his"Gospel of Halloween" 

Sponsored in part by Hick Chick Tours

 Voted #1 Honky Tonk Tour in Nashville on Yelp and Trip Advisor!

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 Best Event of 2018!

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Just a few photos from our previous shows!

  With special musical guests 
  The Secret Commonwealth

Thank you, Nashville fans,

for making our 2017 show the biggest and best yet -

3000+ attendees!

  and  in our Theater
  Countess Moira's Film Festival

  The best of local independent short films
​  Plus a special showing of the Thomas Edison 1910 
  silent original,